Mujeres de oro is an Alliance between
USAID Colombia, Mineros S.A. and Jaime Arteaga & Asociados
that will contribute to the inclusive and equitable development of three mining municipalities of Antioquia:
El Bagre, Nechí y Zaragoza.

It is developed through three components:

Political Component

Women leading decision-making spaces.


Cultural component

Cultural transformation of gender roles.


Economic component

Autonomous women participating in economic life.

Where do we work?
  • El Bagre, led by women? – Mujeres de Oro

  • Café Conversación El Bagre

  • “El Sueño de Mujeres de Oro en El Bagre, Zaragoza y Nechí”

  • Café Conversación Nechí


There are no upcoming events at this time

Digital Library
  • Proyecto Mujeres De Oro
  • Brechas De Género En Antioquia Observatorio
  • Brechas De Género En Antioquia – Colombia


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