Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Mujeres de Oro, is aligned with the general policies of protection of personal data of Jaime Arteaga y Asociados SAS, identified with NIT 900.584.064-2, one of the entities that is part of allies.

In accordance with article 17 of Law 1581 of 2012, personal data are information linked to or associated with one or several natural persons determined or determinable, such as: name, age, sex, marital status, address, disabilities, among others. according to the classification of the company.

Through this document we request your authorization for Mujeres de Oro to collect, store and use your personal data in its database, solely and exclusively for the following purposes:

1. Guarantee an optimal service
2. Contact you by any registered means (phone, mail or cell).
3. Inform by any means, promotions, news, related to the development of the Mujeres de Oro alliance. In the same way, the actions promoted directly by the strategic allies Mujeres de Oro that generate added values ​​for you. These allies are the United States Agency for International Development, Miners S.A. and Jaime Arteaga y Asociados.
4. Carry out statistical studies to design improvements in the services provided.
5. Facilitate the correct execution of purchases and provision of contracted services; according to the case.
6. Manage basic administration tasks.

Remember that with this authorization you have the right to:

1. Know, update and request the rectification at any time of your personal data.
2. Request proof of the granting of this authorization
3. To know about the use that Mujeres de Oro has made of their personal data;
4. Revoke this authorization in case of non-compliance with the aforementioned rights;
5. Access at no cost to your previously authorized personal data through the line of ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER: 312 630 5745 or in Medellín to 2 35 35 26, email or go directly to the headquarters

Your personal data will be stored securely, having taken all precautionary measures to protect your information against adulterations, losses, queries, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.

This with the aim that your information is protected. Your data will be treated according to the Policies and Procedures Manual for the protection of personal data.

By means of the present acceptance, you expressly declare that the purpose of the use of Mujeres de Oro and the allied entities of your personal data, has been fully informed and expressly authorizes that your data be shared with third parties, duly authorized by Women de Oro and / or United States Agency for International Development, Mineros SA and Jaime Arteaga y Asociados, and delivered according to the provisions of the law.